Embrace Your Child’s Creative Mind with New Kids Bed Designs

We all know that kids learn best through interaction and playing. It is one of the main reasons they spend so much time playing with toys of all kinds. Even a simple box can entertain a toddler and some kids that are school aged. With that in mind, why shouldn’t we provide them with an environment that is going to allow them to play their way? And perhaps learn while they are doing it? We encourage you to embrace your child’s creative mind with new kids bed designs. It will change the way your child plays forever!

The Fun of Exploration

When you give your child the best bedroom furniture imaginable, you can ensure that they have a lot of fun exploring their world. There are beds that go way beyond the bunk bed style that you were probably raised with. These beds have safety ladders that include built in handles and non-slip steps, but they go above and beyond by not having any sharp edges or points. Some of these beds have slides attached to them to ensure your child can safely come down when they want to. You will breathe easy knowing they are safe, and they will be free to explore. From there, you can also take it further by transforming a simple bed into a fun play space for your child to continue exploring their creativity and imagination.

What a Bed Can Become

When you think of a bed, you most likely imagine a frame, a mattress, and perhaps a headboard and footboard. They are very basic and “serviceable”. You can help your child have a whole new type of bed that is designed for their enjoyment completely and it can go beyond the slide, which is also unique. These beds are designed to become a circus tent, a magical forest, or several other things for your child. Each of these “tents” are brightly colored, textile experiences that your toddler will love. Once they have grown beyond the stage of wanting to play pirate you can transform their bed into something completely different. All it will take is adding a desk, a few shelves, and more under the bunk bed or off to the side of the actual bed. If your child no longer wants the bunk bed, that is okay, too. You still have plenty of options and your older child will enjoy getting to choose their own unique bedroom style.

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